BLIP with me


i AM.

it's a beautiful morning to save lives.

i am grateful:

1. for all the days that i wake up with food on the plate, water and air around me and enough resources to get through the day and beyond.
2. for the life and chances i've been given everyday to make things right and save lives.
3. for my bed, my home, my clothes, my people.
4. for who i am, and what Boss enabled me to do.
5. for my job, seriously.
6. for the secret, for making me found me.
7. for all the teachers that made me learn both the best and worst in life.
8. for the books.
9. for the friends who stood by me even without me knowing they're there.
10. for the people whom i have hurt.
11. for the people who chose to bring pain in my life.
12. for today Boss, and for all the days to come.
13. for BLOGGING, and whoever thought of the idea and made it happen.
14. for music playlist, and the idea of putting it in a blog.
15. for DSL.
16. for my office, for providing me an LCD monitor, just perfect to set me in the mood for working.
17. for my office, for giving me a good workstation, big enough to accommodate my crazy stuff and kalat...
18. for my officemates, sir ram, for sharing everything that you know... for jeff, for being nice, i easily felt at ease at work... for the creative department for understanding that sometimes, we have to meet deadlines... for llanesca, my ka-age here and also a newbie.
19. for kerck, our dog. for being maingay when someone's coming, and for symphatizing whenever you see me cry in front of the pc.
20. for my phone, we were together for over a year now and you've gone through major reformatting already. now that a new one is coming, i promise to look after you everyday as you welcome a new sim in you. loved you too much not to sell you.
21. for cheops/chiyo, i hope to see you someday, hopefully within the year.
22. for cheesy volcano, sarap!
23. for seafood pasta, astig!
24. for MRT, kahit torture everyday, at least, mabilis.
25. for herbench for providing all my needs with clothing and accessories.
26. for girbaud, wallet and bags.
27. for buknoy, for helping me organize my life.
28. for IP, for making me sleep every night.
29. for TOSHI, you are a witness to all my dreams of being a graphic artist/editor/web designer/writer.


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