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happy thoughts

i decided to do myself a special favor on my birthday.. buy the secret.

i haven't been reading in the past year and realized that somehow, that is accountable for my lack of wisdom apparent in my decision making skills lately. my first book bought from my hard-earned salary is the devil and miss prym, a good one i must say and it took me a surprising 3 weeks to finish it. it usually takes me a week to finish a book. that shows, i haven't been with books for a long time now.

a good friend told me to buy the secret months ago. but never got one because its either out of stock or I'm out of cash. she was thinking of recommending it again but opted not to since she believed i will find it when I'm ready and she was right. a good turning point that is, i have cash on my birthday and i want the secret revealed to me.

the secret is basically about thoughts (i won't elaborate to avoid spoilers). and i believe if there's one thing i am rich with, it's thoughts. after all, this blog is entitled, the THOUGHTS that wander. it's about thinking of the right thoughts so you'd attract right things in your life. ika nga, "it's all in the state of mind."

starting last monday, i decided to make a list of happy thoughts. it was suggested that if you're feeling bad, get your list of happy thoughts, choose one, and focus on it. that way, you're thoughts will be happy. so here it is:

1. pee while singing national anthem in nursery. my teacher instructed us to stand still and sing.
2. OYO: on your own

3. bohol trip.
4. sharpening carrots. according to sponsor, ang carrots daw ay pampatulis ng mata, so we laughed! what she meant was pampatalas ng paningin, but goofing around, i said, "pwede naman tasahan ang carrots para tumulis"
5. trina has a signature in her email which says, "paglingkuran ang sambayanan, naghihintay ang pilipinas. spons and i made a mock out of it using kitkat (a peta advocate and vegetarian), "paglingkuran ang mga hayop, naghihintay ang mga gulay".
6. BA-KING king. i told spons, tapa king's chocolate cake is recommended by jona jarvik and we argued if it's tapa king baking them or just purchasing them from another bakeshop. so we decided to make a tapa king subsidiary, Baking KIng.
7. my little yna's way of reading a tabloid headline which says, "singil ng kuryente, dodoble." and her words such as CaliforMIa, flag ceremoRy. she's a 5-year old grade 1 girl.
8. thesis. a disaster-happy thought.

9. Marilag isaw moments with First Blood after manila north cemetery shoots.
10. catech-retorika marathons with SPUQC MC batch 2007, samahan pa ng occasional boycotts headed by kai pimentel!

11. grey's anatomy... and mcdreamy and meredith!
12. keep breathing song. just perfect.

13. my cork board, now, full of work-related stuff.
14. being stucked in GT Tower's staircases.
15. makati girls club. kulang na lang kumuha kami ng office. take note, career mode sa mga logos at design. parang company talaga.

16. dawson's creek. it's the thing thati"ve grown to and its nice to look back.
17. harry potter books 1-6 at 50pesos at
18. jarvik's kwento about heroism.

19. how can i forget Sitti?! the bossa nova sound.
20. EC's bonding time with joy tan's putok.
21. tapos na ang maliligayang araw niyo -ethelwolda text scam.
22. karen aguilar's way of saying, "oh boy" and "come"
23. i walk like a turtle but i walk fast when i'm walking with my bosses or else, il be left behind
24. spons trying to boo aan about the tablet which turned out she was the one wrong

25. installer escapade with spons only to bring home a rat in ate zy's car
26. toys for the boys instead of barbie dolls... plus a community of lego and transformer robots.
27. arm sprain in kinder because of a race with my classmates on who'll go down first.
28. magic words: you're fired.
29. final words: i resign.

30. trina's nickname care of spons: FEDERLYN
31. spons senti + me senti = RETREAT MONSTERS
32. the root word of the word PAHINGA is HINGA.

33. this poker game.

34. spons's baby named Dora Ann A. Ambrosio
35. KIRRA. the only reason why i watch Rounin.

36. spons, nabitin sa kwento about my former boss
37. if a boxing ring is a square, why call it a ring? and spons confirming if it was the ring for a finger.
38. naming aan as sweet, in loving memory of her driver smith.

the list goes on... but that's all i can think of at the moment.

they're working very MUCH! try it too... who knows?

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