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first blood

this could have been our last picture together and we're not even complete.

i never thought our friendship will be what it is now and i would want to list some of the few things that i wont forget about them, the FIRST blood:

1. Ducepec Projects. There's just loads of them. And each of these projects, though seem to be simple are complicated. In 2nd year, we spend almost an hour debating why the 3rd door that opened contained FMAK, and i think majo's group hated him for that. Then came the website projects which is unlimited.. the hand-outs that popped out from everywhere that need to be read and considered. The social issue and the web contents that were scrutinized by Sir Tony himself. Before I forget, he looked at our essays as if we do not deserve to be in Mass Communication, the pangs of a former highschool English teacher. Then we had our video projects and digital sound stuff. The Pinang project, the walang patid tubig thing and many others. And maybe one of my best project with him, the documentary, Himlayang-bahay. This project made me realize that work can be fun. The isaw-days where we made a raffle of who is going back to Manila North Cemetery and who gets to feel the comfort of the shoot in the National Housing Authority. Sir Tony never ran out of criticisms for us and even if we won the Best Short Film in the Karol Awards, he wasn't outspoken about how proud he was of us, but somehow, with the little smile, I know he was. It was unfortunate he wasn't around for our last semester. But anytime we need him, for help and advice, he was always around. He didnt missed graduation despite his toxic skeds. He was a father to everyone. He was our friend. He was the FATHER OF DIGITAL MEDIA.

2. Pedroche stuff. We used to notice in Ethics class that he only knew the broadjourn students since they are since his previous students so we didn't mind him not giving us attention. But we had him alone, we realized that we can't missed being scrutinized by him with the never-ending paperworks, with the latecomers, and the late papers, with the sooooooo impossible interviews and projects. He was always trying to control himself not to get mad with us. In the end, he threw a party for us. and we loved him more, not for the party but simply because we knew he was right with all his sermons.

3. Little Bird House and Una Sanggre. Simply because there are always only 2 GROUPS, the right side and the left side.

4. the Production where Kitkat's ideas are often contradicted. Accept it, her preferences are different from ours that's why we ended up debating and debating.

5. Finances. Because we're 16, it also meant that we had to pay MORE for productions and editings. It is an advantage on Rani's part though , makes her job easier as the class representative.

6. Aldea and Apodaca thrills and chills. These professors are good ones, only that, their classes require that we recite a lot and since we're 16 and their classes are 3 hour periods, each one of us gets the chance to recite at least twice per meeting and that gives us chills. You know, we're not talkers, we're not writers too.. what are we? Although I believe they took part on helping us trust ourselves more. At the end of our college life, each one is reciting.

7. Ms. Bello and the pang-aasar of unjust treatment and favoritism. It was really a joke but they took it so seriously but just the same, a JOKE.

8. the EQUIPMENT and REFUND! we are close to coming up with our own rebellion for not providing us with the facilities we need but we resented to just refunding the fees that took us forever. i am proud that even though we don't have the equipment, we managed to learn the softwares though. thanks to sir Tony's CPU or my laptop sometimes.

9. the DM shirt. i am proud wearing that.

10. socks and slippers.

often, people misinterpreted us as isolating ourselves. and i apologize for giving that impression although we are not. maybe, there are just so many things that we really need to accomplish making us closer and building deeper friendships. and because DM isn't really easy, we had to held on to each other to make it through. yes, it's one of the things that shouldn't have occurred in our department, but it is inevitable. everyone is going DIGITAL. we love the broadjourn people and we would have wanted to spend more time with them... but some are either not there or just, not there (argh, i can't find the perfect words). but really, we don't have any air of competition with the other block as others presume. (joyah, they should hear our conversions. we would always say that the best writers,etc. is not in our midst.. hehe). and i apologize too for DMs not having a picture taken with the BJs (someone told me, nagtampo daw ang mga BJ), everyone was just overwhelmed upon seeing Sir Tony.

that's it. first blood.

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