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bench wonders

my first bench purchase was when i was in grade school, 4th grade i think, it was a pair of pants that i wore up until around first year college.

now, whenever i have to buy stuff of any sort, as long as i know bench or herbench has it, or even if know they might not have it, they are the first store i visit whenever i get to a mall. they fit me very well, i know my size with them and i feel so comfortable wearing them. even my corporate outfits are provided by herbench. from slippers, shoes, pants, shirts, undies, bags, body sprays, sanitizers, facial wipes, socks, hanky, coin purse, eyeglasses.. i got them all from bench/herbench. i even have a loyalty card that could have garnered a hundred thousand points if it was made available since the late 90s.

the other day, i bought a coin purse, body spray and glasses from bench. i saw the father of lucy torres with gift certificates amounting to probably around 5thousand which he spent getting boxers of all colors and designs. i would have wanted to ask him for one.. :-)

yesterday, i bought this orange bag that i've been wanting to buy the other day. when i asked one of the staff, he showed me his ID that says, "DEAF CREW". Oh, ok.. he can't hear me.

so he asked someone to assist me with that orange bag.

and now, i admire bench all the more. self-explanatory.

any time soon, i'll be dropping by that store again to get some stuff.

bench wonders.

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