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fast tracks

inside the cab going to pasong tamo, taxi driver shares his thoughts about the recent elections. and according to him, if you aren't corrupt, people won't like you as a politician (as a reaction to fr. panlilio's possible victory in Pampanga). well, i got disappointed with that idea because i believe that voters have become wiser through the years (as a thought to manny pacquiao's possible defeat in Gen San). the filipino people have not been persuaded by stars (like montano and goma) in the recent elections, rather, the leading senatoriables are those with experience and (sana) good platforms.

the indelible ink in my finger is still obvious. the lady guard in the cmma building asked me how i managed to clear the ink (although it left a minimal, noticeable trace). i just said, "ibabad mo sa acetone". anyway, i bought the 2005 souvenir program since the person that borrowed the old one forgot to return and it might take ages before we see again or maybe, in another lifetime.

and then, i took a walk from the cmma building to office which is surprisingly near. i usually hate walking but i didnt this time.

with the opposition leading the partial unofficial quick counts, the political scene might as well change. and even if the canvassing is not yet over, the 2010 presidential elections have become the new hot topic all over. personaly, i havent thought of that, yet. what i am looking forward to is for the promises of the people i vote for not be empty and be put into action.

those are the fast tracks of the day. looking forward to something exciting as the rest of the day approaches.

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