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an open letter to manny pacquiao

first, i was never a fan of boxing. even though it had always brought glory to our country, i personally didn't find the fact that Filipino boxing champs can ever make me proud as a Filipino. for me, there are greater things than being KING of the RINGS.

i was young when onyok velasco won the silver medal in the olympics which we complained and bragged about believing that he deserved the gold. where is he after boxing? he tried his luck in showbiz. i pity him.

then you, manny "pacman" pacquiao came. i believed you were nice. honestly, i learned to watch boxing matches because you were there. you are more than a boxer, you are a fighter and maybe, that set you apart from the rest.

everything about you is headline which i found amusing and pathetic both at the same time. your car, your mansion, your daughter mary divine grace (such a holy name) and your endorsements with the rest of your family. it was a fortune. and i hoped you'd take care of that. millions of filipinos would die to be where you are.

when you lost against erik morales, i found it funny when you said because you weren't wearing the right socks. but i let it go, filipinos have superstitions.

then came your political plans.

rumor said you were running for mayor in Manila, and i prayed you wouldn't. i am not registered here but most of the time, i am in the city. thank God, u didnt.

but you said you're running for a congressional seat representing your district in General Santos.

its not that i am totally against your qualifications but because i believe that your opponent, ms. darlene custodio is more deserving than you are.

you accused her family of plotting a threat against your life and police records show nothing of these accusations.

mr. pacquiao, you are a great boxer and probably one of the best the Filipino people ever has. don't you want to let it stay that way? would you want your legacy be tainted with dirty politics just because you believed you deserve to be in congress?

you have plans, beautiful plans for the people of General Santos. but you were never able to answer how you're supposed to do that. did you even know that you're entering a legislative position and not an administrative one? why not let the ones who know how to do it handle it? like Rep. Custodio.

i believe in your heart and how sincere you are. but heart and sincerity aren't enough to be a good representative. sometimes, we should only listen to what our hearts say to decide that not all kind-hearted individuals are destined to be politicians.

your fortune is more than enough to raise your children who are also earning themselves, thanks to endorsements. but if you really intend to help people, there are better ways and more EFFICIENT ones than taking a seat in the congress.

i don't claim to be a "KNOW-IT-ALL" and through your interviews, it has become apparent that you are also not. to tell you frankly, people laugh AT you, not WITH you. and it should never be the case for people running for congress, because if that's the case, you can never govern them.

there is a thing called LEADERSHIP. and leaders know when not to heed the people's voice, because they know themselves well enough, and this make leaders produce great followers.

you are an icon manny pacquiao, let it stay that way. and let representative custodio take the seat in congress. she deserves it, FAR MORE THAN YOU DO.

(i hope i was able to send my message across)


vic said...

caveat: longcomment I may not like a candidate because of his or her personality, attitudes, and ignorance, but until the day that by right (or law) a person can not run for those reasons, then each and all have the same rights as the Rhodes Schola or a certified geniuses to become senators and representatives and governors.

Anyways, we have Ms Arroyo who pride herself as an Ivy league post graduate or fellow, (I’m not too sure, for no one seems up-front of who they are in politics) and the lineup of senators and congressmen (generic) whose qualifications will put the CEOs of top ten Wall Street index to shame and what do we have? A president despise by almost half of her subjects, senators and congressmen (some called them tonggressmen) that have lots of satisfactory explanations to do regarding their disproportionate wealth to their known or declared income, their disrespect for the rule of law and their attitudes of being above all “equals”.

Altogether it is the process that could be partly blame for this issue of the so-called ‘unqualified’ personalities getting into the wrong job.

Although we don’t require any qualifications for our candidates (in our electoral system here in Canada) other than be a legal citizen and we only have one class of citizen and must be at least 18 years, in some instances the best leaders we had in the past and at present were the “unqualified”, but they were endorsed by the party or the membership to represent them. And they were voted into their offices in accordance with process as we followed in a democratic society.
For all we know Manny may be a refreshing chance. A congressman who may be able to orally express himself well, but may be able to day something different from the great orators and debaters we have had in the past history of our young democracy. Although I won’t bet my beer dollar on that, than him winning his boxing bout. He’s a great athlete of the sport that is very violent, and I don’t watch boxing, but since it is legal he has the rights to make his millions on it. And for that I admire the man and his guts.

thanks and regards..

vic said...

correction: a congressman who may NOT able to express himself well, but may be able to DO something...

sorry for the mistakes, my bad, too tired and frustrated for our NBA team, the Toronto Raptors just eliminated in the first round of the playoff by the "no good" New Jersey Nets. Hope Lebron James and the Indians sweep them up....

janie_wanie said...

hi vic! pacquiao is an exception because obviously, he's running to ensure PGMA of a no-to-impeachment vote in the congress.