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what the future holds

(i apologize for this post, my brain is freezing. i just felt the urge to write this)

this is a day half-spent reminiscing.

my thesis was entitled "The Effectiveness of the Advocacy Documentary entitled Muli on empowering Women Inmates." we made Muli to empower inmates particularly those who will be released from CIW in about 2 to 3 years a a preparation for their life ahead of them. im proud to say that though most of us cursed thesis, i love it. i went beyond the thought that it was a requirement, its a crusade, for me at least.

with less than a week to the elections with a tentative list of people to vote, i asked myself a simple question, what future has in store for me?

seriously, i don't know what'll happen after elections or after 3 years when the presidential election is set to take place. somehow, i've grown tired listening to endless arguments of politicians (although i know i shouldnt be), and people who keeps on whining about the government without them doing anything about it. i guess ive turned numb to endless promises that haven't fulfilled until now. there are poorer people, and the number is increasing each year. we've become the most corrupt country, people don't trust the government anymore, some are apathetic already.

i admire those people who continuously fight for our motherland, i admire them more because they've managed to do it despite the abductions taking place. and i wish that one day, i can be like them.

when i was a kid, i was asked about how i can help this country? which is then dubbed as something like, "tiger economy"

i answered: "il be a good citizen by following rules, by paying my taxes when i grow old, by studying hard and not leaving the country for a better job, il vote when i reach the proper age."

im proud to say now that i did followed all of those. the question is, was i able to help my country in those ways? im not sure. what im certain of is that those are not enough and there should be something more, something more concrete, something real that i can hold on to and call "my contribution for the betterment of my society."

i don't know where and how to start.

maybe, il start on monday, by voting WISELY, and making sure that it counts.

il try to look back to my thesis and see other ways in which it can help.

its time to turn the tables.

please VOTE the deserving people. it will help us be certain of what the future holds.

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