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why we can't have another edsa

where was I?

EDSA 1: inside my mom's womb while she and my father joined the rallies. their place is just a stone's throw away from malacanang.

EDSA 2: in laguna, doing our regular civic and community work with my favorite org of all time, the Girl Scouts of the Philippines.

EDSA 3 (given it was considered): doing another community work for a public hospital, again for GSP.

why we can't have another edsa:

1. it'll be considered the 4th time which is a sign that we've failed to run the government the way a democratic country should be managed and our only way to put things right is a people power. it'll indicate that the people have lost hope in due process and we've run out of choices.

2. the future generation will get the impression that to make things right (that is to topple a leader), one has to staged a rally in EDSA, gather people until the leader has decided to step down. Thus, the constitution and pertinent rules about impeachment are useless.

3. we will lose the legacy that was once EDSA. other nations looked up to us because the Filipinos succeeded through a bloodless revolution, a vigilant people, a nation in prayer.

4. we are betraying what the heroes of EDSA gave us.

5. EDSA will be JUST like any other major road. simply, a ROAD.

6. staging another EDSA is not the solution. if it was, our nation would have become better considering the two EDSA's that took place in the last 21 years.

(to be continued)

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