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3 months and loving it

yesterday was my official 3rd month at work... and what can i say? i wasn't able to write an entry yesterday as i was busy organizing a press conference that was canceled eventually. :p

so as my way of loving the past 3 months, i decided to write the things i love about work. (i'm always enumerating, i noticed.)

1. its a whole new world. i had no idea about online gaming before coming here and honestly, i didn't knew it until i was interviewed for my application. anyway, since our market aren't filipinos, there isn't a slightest guilt felt. also, we have strict rules being implemented to avoid uncontrolled betting from our players. and being a PR assistant, most of what I've learned in college is being put into practice, especially Web Related subjects. Thanks Sir Tony.

2. the people i worked with. i worked with mostly, foreigners, Chinese and Europeans. Most Filipinos are on other departments and their office is on the other floor so interaction and work is usually with foreigners. i was hesitant at first, but managed to adjust in a different environment. sometimes, i laugh at the idea that we can celebrate United Nations Day, anytime of the year.

3. my PC. its fast and working pretty well.

4. my workstation. big enough to accommodate my kalats.

5. my people and my lunchmates.

6. the days when there's nothing much to do.

7. the ngarag days where there's a lot of things to do.

8. our cold office and the free coffee, anytime of the day!

(to be continued)

just a bit of goofing around with spons!

now, seriously, I AM HAPPY.

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