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i was watching anc's strictly politics last night with abby binay of makati and rex gatchalian of valenzuela. so hopeful and optimistic, i wished they'd stay the same until their terms of office are over.
may their promises be firm and true in all its sense.

i am so unpredictable and curiously, i tried looking for the 2007 national budget which i found on the DBM website. my good friend trina federis always told me that our taxes shouldn't go to debt servicing and i agree with her. but looking at our budget of which our taxes are allocated to, it both disappoints us. a large amount is sent to debt servicing, both the principal and interest.

seriously, what happens when time decides to move on and forget about Bedol, the incredible according to mlq3? will he be another garci who even ran for office in his province years after the controversial tape? are we, the filipino people, going to allow such a thing? because if so, we shouldn't have voted in the first place. because voting and not defending it, is as good as not voting at all.

because of my mantra to always think of happy thoughts, i try as much to be optimistic about our nation because time will come, we'll be okay, seriously. sound stupid? maybe. but seriously.

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