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i janie christine promise to

in tradition with jona jarvik's entry.

1. pray when i wake up and before i sleep.
2. attend mass every sunday.
3. make happy thoughts rule my world and my life.
4. be grateful for what i have and be satisfied with it.
5. listen.
6. shut up when i should and fight when i need to.
7. be aware of my what's happening around me and act on it.
8. save for the future and pamper myself.
9. see a movie when i should and not think twice.
10. love myself, because great things always come from within.
11. make each day everything but ordinary.
12. stop whining. stop complaining. stop being negative, at ALL.

this is the first time i have ever made something like this. i am fulfilling this.

there's more to life than broken dreams. ;-)

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