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piano in the dark

there was a time in my life when it all evolved in music, with the thought that it will be my course in college, my career, my future. it was those times that i believed i was inspired enough to write my own soon to be classics, that i can come up with my own hit list. that must be ages ago... until yesterday.

as my way of giving back the talent, i participate in our choir by playing the keyboards. but lately, (shame on me), i participate out of pressure and not of out of wanting to serve the Lord. Boss and I are having a bit misunderstandings about our relationship and how I've been doing in my life.

Yesterday, as I play, I felt a sudden gush of energy running through my hands. I didn't asked for it... they just came. I suddenly felt a fear of losing my hands, my precious hands. (pause, an unusual stump in my heart is felt...)

What if one day, I can no longer play the piano?

Will it still be the same? Will I still be the same?

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