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sunny Sunday

it's a sunny Sunday after a night-out with a few DM peeps last night at yellow cab and pulot, plus Sir Tony hanged-out with us too..

nothing much has changed.. except that Jenny gained weight and Joyah was a lil girly, and Majoh sported a short haircut which made her look like a Korean/Chinese/Japanese, in short, she would passed an Asian Craze exam.

anyway, what i loved most was the reminiscing moments.. haha. imagine Jen's funny actions and antics.. and oh, I missed them so, especially those who failed to make it.

A Sunny Sunday.

Attended the mass and did my stuff, I suddenly am afraid to lose my hands.. my precious ones.

Yesterday, i bought the complete series of Dawson's Creek. and one of the reasons of my Sunny Sunday.

Oh well, Sunny Sunday it is. Happy Thoughts is the one responsible. and the rekindled relationship with Boss.

a few of my favorite photos:

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