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why are men ever so demanding?

people close to me might even wonder why im writing such an entry, the closest will understand why.

1. you were supposed to meet on a saturday afternoon when he said that he can't because of an errand from mom. so i don't argue because that's his mom after all. then you'd know that that same night, he went out partying with friends which again is acceptable because he hasn't seen them in quite awhile. then promised that sunday would be best.

2. but then sunday isn't a good day again because he'll go out with his cousins. ok. whatever.

3. at 2pm today, "let's go, im free." ok. so he thinks im all after him waiting in vain for his time. then i said, "i can meet you at 4pm". girl stuff, bath, clothes and all... he: why can't it be earlier? she:because im a girl. simply.

4. you're busy doing html codes and someone's nagging you to talk to him. ok, i said im kinda busy. which part of being busy can be not understood?

does it sound bitter?

well, it's just that men should understand, specially if there's not a commitment involved yet that you can't demand.

just don't. it's irritating.

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etsapwera said...

Hindi siya demanding, methinks. Matter of convenience ka sa kanya. Yun na yun.