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the izzie-alex of it all

disclaimer: for non-GA fans, its izzie stevens and alex karev, characters of grey's anatomy.

i had always wanted them to be together even if alex was at first rude towards izzie, posting the bethany whisper photos all over seattle grace. but even if he's alex, rude and unkind, everyone knows deep within that he's not. he is the male version of meredith grey, according to shonda rhimes. that's why he can't seem to handle a relationship, but after four seasons, with izzie being engaged with denny and hours after, he died and now george, and alex being tied up with addison and ava or rebecca, it was a surpisingly twist in last week's episode of grey's anatomy.

it was alex who took izzie from denny's dead body and carry her home.

and he helped her moved on, only that she wasn't ready.

now that he knew izzie fell in love with the married george, he pretended not to care again. was he insulted because it's just O'Malley? or because after all these time, he's still not yet over izzie?

i guess, the "keep it down" line and kleenex says it all.

apologies. i'm just to excited and ecstatic about them.

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