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for the thesis gels cc: Masscomm Batch 2009

i just thought of writing this because some of you (4th year mc students of st. paul) have been sharing your ordeals and others, and i feel overwhelmed for this, ask for some advices and tips for thesis.

1. know what you really want to do with your studies. focus on one thing. if it's attitude then it's just that. i know this should had been settled during the proposal stages but then again, you'll still be challenged by the many things you can do in your studies. it sounds and feels nice to be a bit heroic by being able to do a lot of things but guys, be humble enough to accept the fact that you are limited by time, and maybe resources. and then again, if you really want to pursue those goals, you will, even after thesis.

2. believe in yourself. we practically have 3 advisers in our studies, the official thesis adviser, the statistician, and our panelists but at the end of the day, its what you learned and believed in class that you will do. you are challenged by what statistic method or test you shall use, or should you present each table for each question in your survey or should you present a summary and so many others. sometimes, the advise you receive from our mentors are different from what your heart tells you. i am stubborn and i don't tell you to do the same thing, but there are so many things they told me that i didn't followed. and that i think enabled me to defend my thesis well for the simple reason that i believe in it.

3. no matter how stressful it is, enjoy it. there are so many things that you are doing, from letters, to approvals, to videos, questionnaires and tabulations and all those stat shits, always find a reason to smile once in a while. why? you might never be given an opportunity to do something like this again so do it well, and SEIZE it.

4. love your partner. you will get into arguments and you will curse her at times but that is normal. arguing means you are both thinking and not arriving at the same conclusion is better than being passive. no matter what happens, it is your partner that will stand right next to you and will stick with you when the dreaded questions start coming.

5. never aim for the 12 balls. and this is the hardest thing because that always seem to be the end goal. 12 balls is just a medal you receive during graduation and something you write in your resume but the difference that you make in your respondents is what thesis is all about. when you aim for the 12 balls, you get lost you forget the significance of your study and you don't meet the objectives. you become twice the loser. but if you focus on your significance and your objectives, you win once and for sure, the 12 balls will follow, and you win twice.

this is just a little something for the big sister in me. ive been hearing a lot of GREAT things about your batch, SPUQC ABMC Batch 2009. and if being there on your defense day will mean something, i will be.

if there's something i am always proud of you, it's the fact that i witness how you've turn from girls during your freshmen year to responsible young ladies leading our dear alma mater and masscomm family today.

PS. pagkatapos ng defense, text text lang kung san ang gimik!

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