BLIP with me


i miss.

i miss the following:

1. my masscomm family. ive been through a lot of shitty stuff in college and they were there, not necessarily to help but to just sit with me, and cheer me up, with whatever jokes and simple assurances that we will get through it. and that no matter how some people made our lives a little miserable, we turn those into funny things.
"tapos na ang maliligayang araw nyo- _ _ d _ _. hulaan nyo na lang.

2. my esl friends whom i will always nag for projects and for endless requirements and who at the end of each friday, will go out with me and have fun. these people opened my eyes to sooooooo many things. the differences in our generation was an advantage as they share what they have with what i know. my esl family,
i would loved to dance one party again, if only i could.
3. i miss goofing-with-spons-retreat-monster-look-for-your-school-in-barcelona days with sponsie. how i miss our chats, every working day. to whom i say good mornings and hey, im-leaving-office-na-see-you-inawhile-hi-mulong-metro-rail-torture.

4. i miss reading.

(to be continued, i promise to finish my book tomorrow at 1700hrs)

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