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nothing will ever be the same.

change is inevitable. we either adapt to change or we get left behind.

- meredith grey, season 4 episode 1 of grey's anatomy.

i wonder why people are afraid of change even if know that probably, it's about the fear of not knowing what to happen next, or what should be expected. and in the long run, they forget to enjoy the thrill of the unexpected.

we have all changed and CHANGE is a big word. it's about taking your first few steps when mom or dad used to hold your hand. it's about holding a spoon first time after being fed all your life. it's about sleeping alone in your room after spending mornings and nights beside someone. it's about using a ballpen and you can't erase what you wrote when you're used to mistakes because a pencil and eraser will go hand in hand. it's about checking if you have a letter online and not the mailbox or the mailman. it's about dealing with choices you have to make, it's about growing up, it's about changing.

i have my own set of fears on changing and i think that's ok.

why do we fear change? maybe because of the thought that after this, nothing will ever be the same and we'll miss it.

and sometimes, "change is everything"
- meredith grey, season 4 episode 1 of grey's anatomy.

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