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It has been forever since i wrote an actual blog entry and because i've been recently writing some stuff for, i decided it is about time to post something in this blog other than my videos.

Cory Aquino coverage

On August 1, 2009 at about 3:30 AM, i got a text message from colleague and friend Marjorie Gorospe that yes, our dear President Cory Aquino has joined our beloved Creator and that tv networks are preparing to go live and air the news.

I refused to believe at first as rumors like that are but, normal. The Aquino family advised that the official announcement will come from any of them and not until I hear Senator Noynoy's official announcement did I take the sad truth of President Cory's death to heart.

At about 6:00 AM, i got a call from our editor to take the briefing of Senator Noynoy regarding details of the wake and funeral at the Cojuangco Building, a few blocks away from my office which according to some was where Cory held office after her presidency.

I was there at around 9:00 AM but if i remember it correctly the senator arrived shortly before lunch. After the briefing I went to the office to process that first video. And after that briefing, my life is all about covering Cory.

I rode at the back of a pick up when Cory's remains moved from LSGH to Manila Cathedral. It was a moving moment. That was a moment I thought I'd never see with my own eyes, it was that people power spirit that i thought i can only see in movies or documentaries. It was no longer a story, it is a now a feeling.

The Filipinos proved that we are a nation of loving men and women, a country mourning for a leader. And if i haven't been working at the time, i know i would have cried.

The cortege stopped at Ninoy's statue along Ayala Avenue where people sang Bayan Ko. As a child and even growing up, i sometimes feel ashamed singing Bayan Ko. I vividly remember, when i was in gradeschool, some of my classmates would curse the idea of singing Bayan Ko after the Lupang Hinirang and recititation of the Panatang Makabayan.

The next day was spent at the Manila Cathedral to cover the necrological services. I was seated near the media area when after Mayor Lim said his piece, he went to one corner, gave Rapa Lopa a tight hug and cried. Boys do cry.

Wednesday, August 5. I was at Manila Memorial at around 11:00 AM, full with lunch. We were expecting the cortege to arrive at around 6:00 PM but it did not. But it was ok. It was worth the wait.

I got sick the next day. But it didn't matter. President Cory's death was more meaningful to me than any other coverage, and I could name a thousand reasons why but the one thing that stands the most, is the fact that i realized that i need not be ashamed of being a Filipino.

2010 Elections

It will be my first time to vote for the Presidential post and having had the privilege to listen to some presidentiables like Roxas, Villar and Escudero, I really haven't chosen my bet. Although still early and some haven't even declared their candidacies yet, I believe they have to declare soon so that people will have a lot of time to truly think about their decisions.

We need to make the right decision this time. I do believe in people power but I do not advocate for another revolution in EDSA. Let us topple corruption with our votes.

Casting your one and only vote is not a privilege but a responsibility not to yourself but your motherland and to your children and theirs.

How will I choose a candidate?


Genuine Sincerity and Capable Mind.


Yes, I am writing some news stories lately.

I felt different doing it again, coming from editing videos everyday. It was nice though to let words and ideas just flow. Although they are technically not my own as they are stories I just write.

I will be writing more. Soon :-)


I am more hopeful and faithful lately and credit goes to sincere prayers at night. I do pray everyday but I must admit some of those aren't coming for my heart.

Lesson? Faith works. We don't get what we want all the time because God always, ALWAYS has better plans for all of us.

A lot of new things are happening soon. Wish me luck.

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