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what to look forward in Grey's Anatomy's 6th Season

This is it! Grey's Anatomy Season 6 premiers on September 24th (25th if you're in Manila, Philippines) with back to back episodes aptly titled Good Mourning and Goodbye.

It is expected that Season 6 will begin where Season 5 ended, with Izzie (Katherine Heigl) flatlining and in a somewhat dream is an elevator scene where George (TR Knight) in military uniform awaits her. It was a sure sign of death, for both of them as I initially thought. Izzie was wearing the prom dress she wore when Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) back in Season 2. But the trick is, that episode left us hanging, Izzie in doubt whether to go out of the elevator or stay behind in her earthly life.

Thanks to spoilers and pictures of the cast filming season 6, we all know that George eventually died and Izzie survived. 

I myself can't wait so in the spirit of listing stuff, I'll enumerate the stuff I'm looking forward to Season 6.

1.Because Izzie survives, what happens next to her? Is she and Alex (Justin Chambers) moving out of Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) house? She obviously won't be able to practice medicine yet because of cancer and she was practically left behind by her peers. How will she take the news of George's death? The last scene they had together (other than the elevator scene) was in the second to the last episode, Izzie torned between potentially losing her memory and everything that makes her who she is or to let go and await for her death. It was a beautiful scene, when George told her she always knew what she'll do, "this back and forth is just fear."

2. Callie's (Sara Ramirez) reaction to George's death. She planned with Bailey (Chandra Wilson) an intervention to stop him from joining the army but it never happened and the next thing they knew was that their John Doe was George. It was nice of Callie to stand up for George, even after he cheated on her with Izzie, but I guess they were never meant to be together but that either doesnt stop them from being the best of friends. In the preview of season 6, Callie is seen choking.

3. MerDer married. In a blue post-it. (With Ellen's real life pregnancy, producers announced that they're kind of taking it slow on her, I personally find this a good opportunity to develop stories of other characters) How will this post-it marriage going to affect everyone? It also seemed, based on the previews that Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is being offered by the Chief (James Pickens Jr.) to take his job. Back in Season 3, the Chief chose Derek to be the next chief, but he refused and told the chief that he's the best man for the job.

4. Cristina and Owen. I am a fan of both Cristina and the actress Sandra Oh. I was shattered when Burke left. Cristina's line "He's gone, I'm free, damn it!" is an all time favorite scene of hers. It was nice to see her falling in love again. Cristina is tough as a rock but among all of them, I think she's the one who loves the most. She shaved her eyebrows for Burke (so unCristina), she met Owen (Kevin McKidd) halfway.

5. Alex Karev maturing into a responsible guy. Alex (Justin Chambers) is considered as Meredith's male version. We saw him transforming from an a** into a man declaring that his life began when he became a husband. 

6. Bailey. She's my mom's favorite. And she's about to raise her child alone and that scene of hers with the chief defines the actress that Chandra Wilson is, exceptionally talented. 

7. Mark and Lexie. Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) sort of broke up but admit it, they look good together. With Mark's background as man-whore and Lexie's "Lexipedia" personality, their story sort of become the "lighter side" of the series.

So that's about it! Other stuff including Shonda Rhimes' symbolisms and one-liners are also something to watch out for. And the music! I know I will be moved by George's funeral.

I, for one, can't wait.

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Kathy G. said...

can't wait! for the mean time, start watching brothers and's as great as grey's! swear! im hooked :)