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bad wanie

i am having the feeling of guilt, although i know i am not responsible for it.

how many calls do i get everyday from different people asking me if id like to send them an application? i should be thankful.. but its starting to be annoying. the number of calls means the number of times i have to say or whoever gets the call, "sorry, but im already employed but thank you for the offer though." if an HR officer calls around 50 possible applicants and she hears the same 50 answers, what would she feel? (if i am him/her, why did you gave you resume to us in the first place?) and il fight back: I apologize, but i do not have a choice at the time, it was a requirement. sorry for your inconvenience. :-) haha..

im sorry, but this wouldn't have happened in the first place if we were given the freedom to choose the companies we'd like to work for during the job fair and not just complete a piece of paper so our clearance would be signed. we are compelled to take exams and interviews for companies i never imagined myself to be engaged with. to my greater dismay, most of them were call centers. i have nothing against them nor to people working there, but hey, i didnt study and died in my course to be answering calls forever. yes, pay is much better. but happiness and fulfillment doesnt necessarily equalize money. and that is something, something i am somehow proud of.

my job is a bit stressful, there are days that its relaxing. but this is how i pictured myself years ago.. a job inclined with new technology. yes, i get to learn everyday about new techies. and i realize that all that sir tony's been teaching us is, WORTH LEARNING.

i feel bad, ive rejected 3 companies today.

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