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the bright side

i do see the bright side of life, because if i don't, i might as well stop living my life the way i am now.
if i don't have a drop of hope for this country, i would have left it decades ago. but i still believe there is hope, and im still here.


vic said...

Thanks for dropping by True North and "expressing your opinion" and I also met you at MLQ, where I have been a long time "nuisance".

Of course there is still a bright ray of hope for the Philippines. My two brothers, though had all the chances to join us 6 siblings here in the U.S. and Canada would rather slog it out and one had already left us, still looking up for that day and as I always told him, may not be in our time, but in his children's and grandchildren's.

But we can not let up, even from half way the world, and with our own business of living and working, we still believe in the country we had left decades ago, physically, but in reality always with us wherever we are.

And believe me, Canada has evolved and matured not without pains and tribulations and her people tested to its limit, but together, all nations of the world, we conquered racism, discrimination, hatred and inequities. thank you...

etsapwera said...

Haha Janie. Goodluck na lang sa kanilang nagsasabi na wala ka na raw inisip kundi mga pangit na bagay dahil sa reaction mo sa pic ni GMA.

janie_wanie said...

kasi baka bulag ako trina? hahaha

nabulag na ata ako ng corporate world at pakikihalubilo ko sa mga ibang lahi.