BLIP with me



- if there's one good thing that doing nothing caused, it's the fact that i spend my working hours reading newspaper and blogs and learning such important issues that every filipino should be made aware of.

- in a while, i will be editing more than a hundred templates again. they wanted the old form. no choice.

- a lot has been happening in (not to, because i am talking about events inside)me. health issues. yes, never-ending health issues. but i trust Boss and i was empowered by Trina's hope that i may not understood now, but i will, soon.

- i am becoming matipid. is that the result of earning on my own? well, for myself. i've managed to share my salary with mom and dad though it's not as big. well, partly, i want to live a healthy lifestyle, so diet for a while.

- a retreat from texting. i am not texting as much as i used to. primarily because im too tired to type a bunch of letters unless its an emergency and i really have to. and if its a friend sharing sentiments and needs my console, of course, there's no reason to hesitate.

- brain issues. brain freeze, because it's too cold here at the office. brain drain, as usual, old habits never die. writing have always drained me. why? because if my brain isn't drain, that means my work is crap.

- grecil buya. she was accused of holding a firearm with the same length as her height and probably firing? now, this is PATHETIC.

-weekends. i still fear it. :-(

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