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everyone hates shonda

shonda rhimes is the creator of Grey's Anatomy. bet you've heard what GA is about.

anyway, everyone seems to hate Shonda for the miserable season 3 finale that was aired last thursday night (US time), that was friday afternoon here. In about an hour, it was uploaded over the net. so every GA fan sticked to their PC's with their DSL connection and downloaded the episode.

not a spoiler. so if u want to know what happen, u can check, fanpop or daily motion and watch.

it was entitled, didn't we almost have it all (yeah, the whitney houston song).

if most people hate it, i love it. why?

1. take film appreciation and you'll understand why.
2. take creative writing as a support and you'll understand why.

thanks to ms. apodaca for these subjects.

didn't we almost have it all?

they're human beings, and not fairy tale characters who always end up with happily ever afters...

and that's one good reason to wish september is just a few blocks away.

season 4..

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