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my take on shonda and the angst i feel now.

shonda's words about the season 3 finale.

(and i call shonda as if we are, this, close)

i maybe a devil's advocate but i love shonda. aside from the entertainment aspect of GA, the artistic appeal is so much, it could qualify for a good movie. it's so much more than the characters' one night stands and exchange of relationships and all..

cristina's line. he's gone, i'm free.
she lost herself out of love for burke. and burke was man enough to let her go.

meredith's line. it's over, so over.
and it could be over between him and derek. she wasn't a complete person because of her family issues and it's impossible for her to handle a relationship.
she can't commit, she doesn't know how.

shonda explained it all in her blog...

i just love her. and we should all learn from her.


i should have been, cum laude, damn it!


etsapwera said...

Ano nangyari at di ka cum laude?

janie wanie said...

remember the 3 that buan gave me for paulthenics?

plus the rotor grade for photography na hindi worth it!

fudge talaga!

etsapwera said...

Ah, yun dalawa lang? Sayang pala. Joketime pa man din yung mga subjects na yun.

janie wanie said...

un nga ang masakit eh.. sana man lang db, kung tipong thesis or comm issues ako sumablay, ok lang eh..

hehe. move on wanie!