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life's tracks and a numb one

this week is busier than usual... have a lot of things to accomplish and my partner for my new website project to be launch in 6 weeks had to take a leave. at least, he'll take care of content and i'll think of design.

then there's carabao island... how id love to get there and do a travelogue which might be one of our top priorities once investors start coming.

now i understand how foreign investors come in our country and do their thing... and really, plans to invite them must really be top notch! and the government should really project a good image to convince investors.

i somehow admire my super big chief boss (CEO, for short) for coming up with such ideas and risking quite a big amount of money. an amount i might never ever earn even if i work 24 hours a day in my entire life.

cool huh?

yes, quoting 3rd's words, living a numb life. that's where i am now.

wheew.. a meeting is set at 11 am and the presenters are not yet around, uh oh.

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