BLIP with me


working on breathing and yearbook

the storm is coming, but i dont mind
people are dying, i close my blinds
all that i know is im breathing now
i want to change the world, instead i sleep
i want to believe in more than you and me
but all that i know is im breathing
all i can do is keep breathing


etsapwera said...

Kanta ba yan?

janie wanie said...

yes trina, that is a song. the pictures above our the studies for the yearbook cover. one design a day ako.. kasi sa bahay lang may photoshop. what u think?

etsapwera said...

Gusto ko yung black. ;p

janie wanie said...

i think maraming magkakagusto sa black... kasi mahilig tayo sa black di ba? remember our online journ sites? lahat black ang background! hahaha

Katherine Aguas said...

Basta BLACK.

Wala ng usapan.