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talk about the effects of dollar-peso exchange rate

my first idea of the dollar-peso exchange rate was when I was about 5 years old, when my dad gave me 1 dollar and told me i can only use it when exchanged to peso. the question was, how much is it? that time, around 20 pesos.

as i grew older, i understand that the family income depended on the dollar-peso exchange rate. if peso is low, good for us. if peso is high, too bad. but really, whatever the rate was, i never noticed that life was getting better. the cost of living remains the same. so seriously, i wonder why people rejoice when peso hits high. plus the fact, that the reason behind peso's triumph can be accounted to the millions of OFWs working abroad to feed their families because of the lack of decent and efficient jobs in the country. how can we proud that our number one export product are our people, human beings?!

i may not be knowledgeable with economics and all that but i really don't care with the exchange rate. what matters to me is if the effect that experts assume it could have is felt by all Filipinos. the prices of basic commodities are the same, worse, soaring higher. so even if peso fights, does it give benefit to the poor people of the Philippines?

the basis by which we say that the standard of living is improving should not be the dollar-peso exchange rate. never. because if so, i should have experienced it.

if you got knowledge about this, shed some light.


etsapwera said...

Hindi nga talaga yun ang basis ng improvement ng buhay ng tao, alam ko e. May formula pang ginagamit yun, at may maraming factors pang ginagamit.

janie wanie said...

exactly. but people are so proud of it, which i find pathetic.