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this day didn't go as planned because of so many circumstances and i am not as enthusiastic about it.
first it was christmas, now i'd like to believe birthdays are for kids.
and this was the most quiet birthday of them all.

at 21. i have gone through the darkest of the dark health issues and still going through one now. i'd like to believe i'll get through this but still, nobody knows what will happen next and if ever, by any chance, i can find a solution to this.

at 21. i'm done with school but longing to come back in the only place in the world where i feel secure. the school is my turf, my home, my cradle.

at 21. employed like most other 21s would or should be.

at 21. i haven't got dreams to fulfill, not because i don't have them but because i have lost the will to believe i can make them happen.

at 21. i'm afloat. and wandering.

at 21. confused. devastated. miserable.

at 21. hoping. hoping that one day, this'll be over and i'll be back to my senses again. i'll stop chasing cars and drive my own. i will keep breathing not because i have to but because i want to. i will know, and not think.

at 21. i will believe.

there could be a lot of things that 21st may bring. but just the same, keep breathing.

thanks for all those who remembered this day. especially K. you're too busy i know, particularly because its a Sunday and you've managed to greet even before the show starts. thank you. i've bought the secret, as promised. :-)

thanks thanks. those birthday greetings made me be grateful, at 21.

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