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was my vote counted?

top ten senators will be proclaimed tomorrow according to COMELEC.

seriously, i seem to have forgotten the election that occurred. why? because it took them two LONG weeks to tally the votes when other nations wait for 24 hours to know who won.

i suddenly remember the resounding voice of one of professors in college, everything is going DIGITAL. this is an answer to the question why our department, the mass communication had decided to offer a new major, digital media which i personally chose. basically, it still offers the basics of masscomm from journalism to production, only that, in the digital platform. i found that an advantage because i assume i am a computer geek and most companies have a website of their own. bloggers like us can be heard around the globe because of this technology.

then i asked myself why we can't apply that digital revolution into our electoral system? was it lack of budget? or our officials scared that numbers can be easily manipulated by hackers and so fraud isn't avoided after all. i bet hackers have came up with their own crack codes to penetrate the counting system even before the idea of computerization of elections make the headlines. and if this so happens, there might even be an auction for these crack codes and hacking devices.

i really have no idea how the computerization of the elections will go about. but i know one thing, there'll still be fraud. manual or digital counting, people will still find ways to have access into power. computerization may only be a way of elevating the level of cheating of our elections. i don't know how they'll do it, but im sure they will. even simple transactions in government offices are being cheated (fixers, are you aware of?)

finish the counting and let our new officials start their work. we need a lot of reforms especially in the education sector.

it's about time you start fulfilling your promises.

and so i kept asking myself, was my vote really counted? :-)


vic said...


Going digital would not affect much in regards to frauds, cheating, and maybe a little faster in knowing the results.

When I first started voting here in Canada in the 70s, we were in full manual mode, and the results of elections were known the morning after (that was if you slept thru the night). Now the maximum of 3 hours after, winners are declared and celebrations start.

But the beauty of full automation is not apparent. Like the permanent voters’ list, which are “auto upgraded” as the voter move from house to house, district to district and even from province to province. And registration can be done anytime of the year, by any process, in your income tax, some govt. forms, election forms, and even on-line; new citizens of voting age are automatically registered and only once in your lifetime, and in cases where your name is not on the voter list, just whip up your Identifications and register right there and there in the polling place and vote right out. And voting on-line and in advance polls are all possible.

btw, I let my sis and her hubby comment in your site under anonymous in the previous entry as they are both visiting from new york. They are both md practitioners in N.Y. and drop by to visit an old man here. Well, it was this old man who sent her to medical school, just a courtesy and also for the love of her bro...

Manila Bay Watch said...

Hi Janie,

Re "seriously, i seem to have forgotten the election that occurred. why? because it took them two LONG weeks to tally the votes when other nations wait for 24 hours to know who won."

On a realistic scenario over at the election cheating body, it occurred to me that Comelec's Abalos is biding his time precisely because he is counting on people/voters to put their guard down, i.e., when no one is looking, he can then pull another trick out of his tricks hat, and ergo Zubiri wins!