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an unfinished business

i know it sounds weird, pathetic, impractical, or whatever. but right now, if there's one thing i want to do, that is to take entrance exams, enroll, buy laboratory equipments, take notes, and be in med school.

you've heard it right. two months after graduation and i want to be in school again and this time, to fulfill an unfinished dream.

i hope there's way for me to be a doctor... because if that happens, then i know that i am finally, complete.


Anonymous said...

Becoming a Doctor would not really makes one complete, but yet another big accomplistment, because dreams are elusive, never ending quest.

Even Fantine had dreams, that Cossette will grow up safe and proper and that was elusive as well, but then it was only in the mind of great Victor Hugo.

janie wanie said...

thanks for those comments. anyway, it's a long story why for me, becoming a doctor will make me complete.

thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

janie wanie,

it's not that hard of a journey, believe us, the first commenter above. me and my hubby travelled the path and it may be a little rough along the way, but the destiny is always within reach. goodluck and God speed,

joy and gene t. MDs, toronto, new york

janie wanie said...

joy and gene, thanks for dropping by. goodluck in your careers as well.