BLIP with me


all i need is... time to scratch.

spend weekends watching Harry Potter at IMAX. it was good except for the 1 hour delay and the fact that the only part in 3d ran for less than 10 minutes. while waiting, 80s new wave songs were played. how appropriate.

went to power's birthday bash at fairview and was surprised. but it was fun just the same. seeing your old college friends and reminisced about the past, talked about taxes and wage benefits and career issues. tips on what to do to save money, priorities.

enjoyed because boots caught all those beautiful memories, see Wanie's World for photos.

now, seriously.

imagine there's something that almost took your life because it left and you had to pick yourself up to survive the day. you haven't totally moved on but on the process of doing so. as piolo says, "i'm getting there." and then one day, it's there. not to come back but a way of letting you feel, it still exists. and then, a chance to pick up where you left off, work things out, hopefully, right this time without false hopes, arrived.

what do you then?

i don't know. a thousand thoughts are running inside my head and i want to take a break from all of these...

i need time.

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