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bad days

bad days do exist..even to good people. reasons? there are a million reasons why but sometimes, just out of nothing.

there are days when we just want to stop, stop to a life of routine when all days are the same and nothing is as extraordinary as the other. we turn from inspired to burn-out (this term is what they used for angel locsin) individuals.

what do we do then? first, we refuse to believe we are having a bad day so we'll be able to do what we need to do especially if work demands for such. we try all day only to realize that either we weren't able to produce anything or simply, a crap, a mediocre.

this is one of those days for me, but I've learned to laugh at it. tomorrow should be fine.

at the end of the day [talk like meredith, :-)], we may not understand why bad days had to come and pass us by. we refuse, we work hard only to reailze that sometimes, all we need is a break.

this doesn't make sense again.

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