BLIP with me



Now I understand to hold you
I must open my hands
And watch you rise
- Mariah Carey, Butterfly

read somewhere that the reason why peter pan can fly is that because he has happy thoughts. now i know i can fly.

i've always dreamt of flying but i am alto phobic, which isn't good because that means i might panic when i start to raise my feet off the ground.

this maybe the reason why i love superheroes, because they can fly.

but flying isn't always about being able to be lifted off the ground.

i am flying now.

i am flying because finally, i've decided to allow happy thoughts rule my life. that is, to think of happy memories instead of consuming my mind with negative energy. you get what you give. so be positive for good things to bounce back.

i am flying because finally, i set myself free from pressures, and demands that i imposed on myself. i decided to be satisfied and give myself a chance to enjoy what is here now, and seize each moment as they come.

i am flying because i decided to make each day everything but ordinary. that meant smiling at little things, when air touches my skin, when water refreshes my body and when life embraces my soul.

i am flying because i let go of the things that turned me into the person i hated.

i am flying because despite the pains and hurts, i decided not to hold a grudge towards anyone and promised myself that if they come back, my arms will be as open as they have left.

i am flying because i can now gather my thoughts instead of letting them wander through the woods, without direction.

i am flying because the fears of yesterday have been erased.

i am flying because my heart finds a cradle in doing so.

i am flying because i have learned to be grateful at life, at my life.

i am flying because i decided to work on my relationship with Boss.

i am flying now.

we can all fly, only if we want to.

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