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if you want a break from what is conventional, watch Ligaw Liham

went out yesterday to see karylle's Cinemalaya 2007 entry Ligaw Liham.

aside from its olden times look, because it was set during the 70s, i was intrigued to see the film because of the technology behind it. in film class, it has always been an argument that one shouldn't let technology get in the way of understanding what the basic plot is, but who can help it? It was one of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix's common argument.

anyway, what i really loved with Ligaw Liham is its Cinematography, not its technical aspect but how witty the shots was chosen and taken.

its not conventional, neither fancy or complicated.

one of the most difficult task in doing a film is sending a message by mere visuals. i remember doing a class project, a film in which we weren't allowed to use any dialogue or musical scoring, it was a silent one. after viewing it, the class will tell what they understood of the story and will compare with the script that we had. and our grade depends on that. ok, so i had to do mine about a couple of times until i had it perfect. it wasnt easy.

the thing about cinematography is that, it isnt easy (sus, ang kulet!). even if you know who's point of view one is using in a film, there are other things that could just affect that.

my Digital Cinematography professor always reminded me to watch a film twice, the first for entertainment and the second for knowledge. Sorry, i did both at the same time with this movie.

So to people who wants a break from what is usual, you should see this film and all the other films at Cinemalaya.

It's about time we changed our ways..

NOTE: I am not writing this because I knew Karylle. One thing I was kinda expert at is to look at a friend's craft not thinking we are in any way related. Yes, I am that cruel. Not convinced yet?

I was a panelist (mock defense) for one of my friend's thesis paper and I discovered some discrepancies which lead to us knowing they manufactured some of the results. She failed because of me. Yes, I am mean.

So just see for yourself this film. If you won't like it, go ahead tell me. alright?

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