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what to do when you've got nothing to do

so, here are a few tips on what to do when you've got nothing to do (in the office version).

1. check available resources. do you have a pc? mp3 player, phone? internet connection? make sure that you get the most out of the things that you have in your midst.

2. emails. check your emails, then your contacts. reply to people's messages one by one. if there arent any message to answer, send everyone a hello and check what they're up to lately. im sure those people will feel better and you'll find yourself catching up with old friends.

3. friendster, multiply, blogs. update yours, then check your friends. ang saya-saya nito... lalo na mga blogs and photos. astig talaga ng net! upload ka ng picture mo at magsulat ka kahit non-sense.

4. special thanks goes to YM, Yahoo Messenger. Chat galore.. malayo man, malapit din ang drama. at least may kausap ka, to keep you sane from boredom.

5. read the daily newspapers. you'll be informed of current events pa di ba? pati latest showbiz chika..

6. wikipedia. they have anything at just about everything. very educational.

7. read anything... although the net isn't really that realiable, one can surely find a way if something is real or not.

8. youtube, fanpop. catch up with your latest series in US... kung wala pang dvd dito sa Pinas.

9. check your phone, baka may message.

10. fix your PC files, be organized!

11. fix your desk, your drawer, if you want, the whole office. Volunteerism is a good thing, not to mention you'll be a candidate for model of the year.

Ilan lang yan.. precaution: Make sure you're allowed to do such things, or else, MAGIC WORDS. and writing this doesnt necessarily mean it applies to me.. just a gathered set of tips from friends.

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