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the things i cannot see

need to write this before thoughts evaporate.. so apologies if this entry may sound weird.

this week was all about WHINE, COMPLAIN, I-HATE-THIS-LIFE scenarios.

and i decided to end it today. thanks to a line of a song that says, "thank you for the things i cannot see"

now i know.

i just need to go back to my basics, my happy thoughts and i Am (the list of things i am grateful for.) and there are so many.. neither i ignored them in the process or i have totally forgotten them. there'll always be brighter days to come. all i need is to go beyond being wanie and be WANIE.

there's a reason why work isn't busy... this is my chance to rest, take a deep breath so when real things arrive, i have all the energy i need.

so to those whom i have whined and complained this past week, sorry and thank you for listening. big help!

special thanks to spons, and Jona Jarvik.

and so as meredith says it, this is the day when dark and twisty meredith turns to bright and shiny.

take time to be thankful for the things we cannot see!

Happy Sunday!

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