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i want to be a MUSICAL scorer someday

ok, that sounds just like an ordinary kindergarten answer to what you want to be when you grow up. and this week, i've decided that my future will be towards this... (note: i change career plans every week, like a magazine with a regular feature story.

the big question is why.

lately, i've become appreciative of my talent/skill with the piano. a lot of people have expressed their admiration over the fact i don't seem to look like a musical whiz but i am sort of something like that, whatever! and then there were little kids who've always asked the ATE in me to teach them how to play the piano.

i am a big movie fan but more than that, its always the musical scoring i look forward to. its ironic i havent been able to be a musical scorer in all our productions in college. anyway, there's two people i admire when it comes to this field.

ennio morricone
(malena, cinema paradiso among others)

hans zimmer (gladiator among many many others but this my favorite)

even if a storyline of a movie or the way it was delivered wasn't superb, id admire a film with a good musical scoring. sorry... although i believe musical scoring is a VERY VITAL criteria to select a good film. a good film won't be good without good music.

i don't have a particular type of music, i can listen to anything anytime.. that's why i hardly select favorites. but if someone wants me to be in good mood for conversation where wisdom is necessary or work where sharpness is required, works of those two men will do and will unleash the brain in me.

i knew some people like me but i hardly see or speak to them.

anyway, i can last a day doing nothing just so long as GOOD music is around... and that's basically one thing people don't usually know about me.

so for this week, wanie says: i want to be a MUSICAL SCORER someday.

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