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living up to the dream, wanie has got vertigo

unfortunately, it's not the U2's vertigo but the REAL one.


1. my good friend mon had two accidents because of vertigo. thank God, he's still around.

2. ive heard once lorna tolentino has. but other than that, no idea.

anyway, i know ive got this thing for motion sickness. im afraid of heights and stuff, until recently this monday, i cried waking up because my world is literally turning upside down. i closed my eyes, but the feeling just wont go (sounds like a set of lines taken from a song). ok. then i stayed put, but when i started moving again, the feeling is coming back. these attacks lasted for less than minutes but really, my balance just, sorry for the word, sucks. so i did my morning routine going to office with extra caution because i might just slip and the next thing i might know, is, im dead. before leaving home, i vomitted.

i gave myself a dose of sugar rush, a choco cake from mary grace when i get to work which according to my boss isnt healthy. anyway, it's a favorite. i texted my achi teeway, a new doctor, if there's anything i can take and bonamine according to her, might do it.

The most common cause of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV. Vertigo can be a symptom of an underlying harmless cause, such as in BPPV or it can suggest more serious problems. These include drug toxicities (specifically gentamicin), strokes or tumors (though these are much less common than BPPV).

that's according to wikipedia. ive experienced and undergone all symptoms of BPPV and sort of believed that this might be the reason. so anyway, i decided to observe first for one more day before dropping by a doctor.

and it's all the same and even more scary because at office, i did experienced such attacks i cant concentrate with work anymore.

so this morning, i drop by the nearest hospital to see an EENT or Head and Neck Specialist. after a couple of tests, i was right, it was BPPV. the doctor was even surprised i know the thing and asked me of my course that suprised him even more. he also advised me to took a day's rest and check my hearing abilities which was surprisingly normal considering people hate me because im always, bingi.

ok. now we conclude it's vertigo. nothing dangerous, its just that when attacks come and i lost my balance, the possibility of an accident is just severe. care. caution. INGAT.

meds were given and an exercise too. uh oh.

oh well. this is my life. the life of body discrepancies.

living up to the dream, sharp mind, unhealthy body, wanie has got vertigo.

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