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didnt we almost have it all

this was grey's anatomy season 3 finale title. short summary: meredith was making sure cristina gets married at the expense of derek waiting for her to pull him out of his misery. she needs cristina to get her happy ending so she could believe she get her own. but at the end, they all lost it. meredith says it's over, so over. burke told cristina he's letting go and left his place. alex came back for ava only to find out she was gone. mark and addison didnt get their happy ending as well.

anyway, this is not so about grey's anatomy.

so yesterday is about my ranting on having vertigo.

acceptance stage begins.

maybe, we human beings aren't meant to have it all. because if so, life would be perfect and there'll be no reason for us to find ourselves because we'll be contented.

maybe, this is the burden i would have to carry for forever. me, who have always worked and gotten her so-called priceless treasures of knowledge and wisdom, and achievements of trophies and medals.

maybe, i can't really be all that invincible, know-can-do-it-all.

maybe, i should start convincing myself that not reading doesnt makes me less of a person. (i should lessen my reading hours since its aggravating things, which is ironic because not reading makes me think im becoming an airhead).

and maybe, all these maybe's are true after all.

it's ok to have vertigo, at least i can say it is. exercises and meds will do the cure but while having it, caution must always be on top of things.

so now i say, and as whitney houston sings it,

didn't we almost have it all?

Remember when we held on in the rain
The night we almost lost it
Once again we can take the night into tomorrow
Living on feelings
Touching you I feel it all again

Didn't we almost have it all
When love was all we had worth giving?
The ride with you was worth the fall my friend
Loving you makes life worth living
Didn't we almost have it all
The night we held on till the morning
You know you'll never love that way again
Didn't we almost have it all

The way you used to touch me felt so fine
We kept our hearts together down the line
A moment in the soul can last forever
Comfort and keep us
Help me bring the feeling back again

Didn't we have the beat of times
When love was young and new?
Couldn't we reach inside and find
The world of me and you?
We'll never lose it again
Cause once you know what love is
You never let it end

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