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this day is an extraordinary ordinary day.

nothing new. went early to office avoiding edsa since its erap's judgment day. did my usual routine of checking emails, sent out follow up emails and received a few fax for business cards, continued my search for advertising rates online and a few good laughs with people.

we were scheduled to do an interview with First Cagayan in the afternoon and as planned, we were going to take a cab on the way to Ortigas since two of our company vehicles were ending in numbers 5/6 and the remaining car's aircon broke down. My boss offered his own ride but it was against company policy so we decided to take a cab. Surprisingly, while waiting for a cab, the heavy rains poured which made our waiting a bit longer than normal. On our way to EDSA, we were expecting traffic so we took shortcuts that led us to a bit of flood which scared my boss a little bit (he's a british guy) that we might be late and it worries him since he's very much conscious with time and stuff. To cut the story short, we arrived peacefully at Tektite Towers, with a few good laughs.

My boss and my manager have business cards with them and I don't have one yet. I figured out that there's a right or proper way of how to give one's calling card... some kind of ritual I suppose as I observed these men doing it.

So we gone through the interview, took a few notes as I am in petiks mode, just listening.

After the interview, my boss, said that we should grab a coffee as we were gonna do my 6 month evaluation. Wanie is surprised of course. So instead of getting a frap, i ordered a hot cappucino as I know I'll get nervous once the talking starts.

And then, there I was reading my evaluation form.

Guess what, they were satisfied with my performance. So I'll be staying with the company for quite a long time.

I am overwhelmed.

Oh, and my boss said I'll be responsible for the first draft of the article which surprised me as I had no idea I'd be the one to do it. Petiks mode kasi.

Then my manager and I walked on our way to Megamall so he can take a cab. I was supposed to go to Gateway for dinner but was cancelled so I strolled around the mall.

Then I passed by the chapel, one of my favorites.

Then I prayed.

I thank God because I know I haven't been serious or should I say, Im enjoying life too much that in some ways, I have disregarded my responsibilities to Him. And yet, He's been showering a lot of good things in my life.

After praying, I saw the stand of World Vision. Teary-eyed.

I am overwhelmed.

Maybe, a change is supposed to come.

I watched Evan Almighty last Saturday and because I haven't got time to post something, this thought gathering was delayed.

I know that it sounds weird that I got teary-eyed watching since its suppose to make me laugh.

Lauren Graham's character prayed that their family grow closer together.

Then God tasked Steve Carell (Evan) to build an ark which eventually made people think he's gone mad so Graham and the rest of their sons left him alone building his ark.

At a diner, Graham unknowingly spoked to God as he was disguised as Al Mighty, a waiter.

God's lines were like, "if you prayed for your family to grow closer together, you think God would give the end result, or would He give you an opportunity to be closer together?"

And maybe, that stucked me most.

I've been praying for a lot of things and haven't gotten any yet until I realized that opportunities were right in front of me.

That's what we always get, choices, chances.

I am still, overwhelmed.

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