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a change is gonna come.

short info: our official IM service here at office, Skype, allows us to type a phrase defining our current status, a line from a song, a quote, whatever. mine is a change is gonna come - september 27. and everyone was rather favorite query was from my boss, "are you getting married on the 27th?" ok. i laughed hard with this.

anyway, for grey's anatomy fans out there, sneak peeks of season 4 pilot episode, a change is gonna come is now available at

and yes, im viewing it over and over again. call it corny or mushy, im a bit emotional watching it. a simple tip: you need to see season 1 pilot episode to appreciate season 4 pilot more.

"we either adapt to change, or be left behind." - meredith grey.

a change is gonna come. - september 27

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