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the year that was, the janie wanie year-ender special

status: im at the office and there's not much work YET and since i want to be productive i am now writing my year-ender special.

i have always written articles like this since 2002 i think but all kept in my pc and this is the first this is going public to this blog. wander with me, enjoy.

2007 was a year full of swings and endings and beginnings.

January. A Busy Headstart.
I didn't had time to take a break during Christmas as i was busy preparing for Youthink on February. Plus a concert to be sponsored by the Executive Council is also taking place on the last week. I wasnt the head of this event but because the organizers found me, i have to see them through to all the planning and organizing stages. Also, we went to St. Paul Tuguegarao for their Centennial Celebration. Talk about multi-tasking because even when we were supposed to enjoy Tuguegarao, our phones kept on ringing for inquiries about the concert. Thank God there was no signal in the cave adventure otherwise it would all have been spoiled.

February. Rising Above.
It didn't go well as much as we'd like to. MassComm month didn't started well as we had so much trouble dealing with finances but we rose above these trials.
2 in the morning still in the venue looking for possible sources of money. 100pesos was the only amount i have (enough for a cab home) because Jen took everything i have, including the coins and paper bills tucked in between papers and notebooks. Thanks to my hidden sources at home, i managed to have a CheesyBaconCheesyVolcano delivered the day after for Patricia. and though most of my sources went to masscomm, i made sure elmo will come to life on the 9th and probably, that'll be her last birthday that will celebrate as good friends. Youthink was a so-so for me. I am taking all the responsibility if it didn't go well as compared to previous youthinks. But i am proud of my batchmates, because despite the differences, we managed to have it! Who would forget the equation, 150pesos for a sponsored participant= 1 quiz and 1 youthink=1 modular exam. and oh yes the KAROL AWARDS! Of course we won again. Thanks to Cholo, Chelsea, Charming and Chito for accompanying us everywhere we go. Without you, we would have spent wasted times waiting for transpo.

March. Ending.

Yes, we are graduating and somehow in between, i am having an emotional dilemma because i dont know what happens after march 21st. though it was a busy month with the poetry reading and press conference, i can't help but think of the thought of ending my school life. it wasn't actually graduation for me, it was ending. at graduation, i even thought of it as just one of our school activities and the day after, il wake up again early in time for my classes. tons of work came in specially with the docus and programs that need editing work. thanks to toshi and chiyo for managing all those gigabytes of videos. it was also my first glance at the working world. i had my first job interview which eventually became my first job. on the 22nd, a day after graduation, i agreed to become Bayview Technologies/ESL-Asia's Public Relations Assistant.

April. Adjustments.
It was so much different living in my new world. Also, it was also the time we decided i face my discrepancy issue with health and all that. Unfortunately, the results wasn't in my favor and the people i used to speak and hear my grunts everyday are out in the world searching for themselves as well. i had no choice but to carry this burden until around the end of the year.

May. Tantrums and Breakdowns.
The discrepancy issue was on top of my head everyday, every single second. Everything around me reminds of such issues. I go about my daily thing just for the sake of going about it. In short, wala na akong direksyon. I didnt forgave myself for the discrepancy to
which i have no one to blame.

June. Toughest Birthday.
It was suppose to be one of the happiest birthdays since i am turning 21 but no, it wasnt. the discrepancy is stiill haunting me. but on the 10th, i decided to move on, i bought the secret. and moving and healing follows after.

July. New Friendships.
it was about this time that pumba (aka jarvik) and i read each other's blogs and chats and multiplys and so i found a new friend in her. tamang petiks lang at walang kwentang usapan brought us closer, and so Pumba and Boots became good friends. It was also this month that i learned that power is going to have a baby!

August. Transitions.
Work is now becoming busy unlike the past months when we rarely do stuff. Buwan ng Wika. :-)

September. Define Busy.
Oh yes, i have to organize an event in Barcelona from my seat here in Makati.
Phone calls, Tons of Emails and negotiations and the event was a success. This month helped me realized that yes, we are living in a borderless world. People i did business (with a big amount of pounds and euros) gave me a good quality work without even knowing how i look like and to whom my voice became familiar. I also got regularized at work which made me bought the "CHIEF" to help me organize myself. But still, hindi pa rin ako organized. it was also st. paul's sportsfest and even though masscomm didnt got the cheering championship, we remain to be the over-all champs.

October. Balik St. Paul at Inuman Nights.
There were several opportunities to visit St. Paul, to accompany MLQ3, to watch aan and batchmates' theatre play and ang dame namen inuman nights nila jarvik and chi. from meatshop to circle cafe to 9 ball to regular friday nights at starbucks in mega. name it, we have it! My CAP Euro event in barcelona was also a success.

November. Si Trillanes at Manila Peninsula.
Oh yes, on the day of the stand-off, my officemate Paolo and I had to walk
from the office to the Ayala MRT Station and see armored trucks and military men walking around the Greenbelt/Landmark/Glorietta Area as if it was an ordinary day. tuloy ang ligaya namin nila peewee at pumba!

December. A new way to celebrate Christmas.
It was my first corporate christmas party and i was part of the organizing committee. i'd say it was so much different from all the parties i had in the
previous years. why? because the people who were always serious with work are suddenly strangers to my eyes, and i say strangers id love to be my friends! party friends that is! i get to know my co-workers more and more and more!

and so that was 2007.. with parties to come for our batch and the xmas dinner pumba, peewee and boots will celebrate at circle.

tuloy ang ligaya, tawa lang ng tawa, go lang ng go!

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