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the people of 2007 a year ender (part 2) special cc: trixie, kathy, chi, jarvik, nascel

meredith once had a near-death experience and she kept saying "people are what matters" after that and in line with that plus because i want to be somehow productive today i am writing this to acknowledge the old and new people of 2007 who made it extra special.

Old Peeps.

1. Trixie Ambrosio. We were classmates since 2nd year college but we weren't really friends. Just a simple hi/hello when we bump into each other or when check our assignments, paperworks, etc. She has helped me a lot during the Youthink days because she was the one who provided most of the speakers, thanks to ate zy! But other than that, i just call her sponsor because i kept nagging her that our financial problems will be solved if only the Ambrosio Family will sponsor our event. She started working on April 16, 2007 at Solar Entertainment in their old office in Jupiter Makati which i passed by every night on my own home. With that, we started to go home together when we can every night after work. Then we became chat mates because of the boredom entailed with our jobs. Sponsor became my good good friend who would listen to my rants, to my sulit lunch and to my career issues and plans and vice versa. We were like that for a few months until we became busy with work. I never thought we would be good friends, moreso because we were already out of college but life is cool. She was also my partner in coming up with the best motto in life of all time, "tawa lang ng tawa, go lang ng go."

2. Kathy Galang. We are good friends but due to unfortunate circumstances (itago na lang natin sa codename na "ban kami" ang issue na eto) we werent able to talk as much as we used to before that happened but Kathy or Sweetypie will always be my Sweetypie. She is part of the infamous Feeding Program to which we still continue to do today and also a good listener when it comes to career issues and all that. Even though we dont see each other as we used to in school, yahoo messenger and multiply is keeping us in touch.

3. Chi Realizo. We both entered St. Paul in 2004 and we had our Pagudpod Trips and Pep days together but because i had to go ahead of their batch, we didnt had time to talk or check on each other. This year, we shared a lot of bottles of alcohols, coffees, kopi buns at kung anu-ano pang pagkain. and more than that, we shared a lot of jokes and tawanans!

4. Jarvik Toledo. This was the biggest surprise of 2007 because when people learn that she and i are somewhat good friends, they either don't believe or can't believe its real. Who wouldve thought we'd be good friends?! But we do a lot of cool stuff and all of them are funny. We go to places without any concrete plans and we laugh and our favorite thing, we dream. We dream of Graduate School, of Singapore, of a DSLR, of a macbook, of books, of mcdreamies, of career, of keds, of maraming pera so we can shop until we drop, of kawanggawa only to stop thinking, "bukas na, gabi na."

New People.

1. Jeff Mann. He is our Marketing Director and surely taught me a lot about communications. I am very well aware that i have a lot of things to learn and i am thankful he is willing and patient to me with that. He is like a father to me. His old school of thoughts compliments the techie knowledge of mine of which i always share with him.

2. Ram Ragandan. He is my Communications Manager and is also teaching and sharing a lot of things about work, life and everything. He is my boss but he never made me feel that way because he is always ready to hear what i am to say.

3. Nascel Panti. My evil twin sister. She had to leave us for her dream of becoming a journalist. I miss her everyday at work when all we do is make lait other people with our code names!

4. Grace Gavia. My Tila girl, tawa lang ng tawa.

5. Perds Penaranda and Mark Mangona. I want to apologize for the countless times I nagged them with work!

6. Paolo Santos. Mr. Chillax, my kasabay pag-uwi.

7. Christian Chua. forever seatmate, thanks for the rideS home.

8. RC Saludo. She is the marketing manager of a subsidiary company. She is like a little big sister.

To the people not mentioned here, it doesnt mean you aren't special. It's just that you were already special even before 2007 came and that i will forever be grateful for.

People are what matters.

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