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fast paced.

the week started just fine but i didn't anticipated it'll pass so fast.

this is my second to the last week in my soon-to-be ex-job so all my projects should be completed before i leave especially the more complicated ones that i myself am hesitant to pass to the newbies (with an S because there'll be two but i'll just be meeting one of them as she starts work on my 2nd to the last day). adventures like poster-framing at recto is top priority as well as shirt and caps printing all come in uberly CHEAP prices (thanks to my exposure to places like recto and kamuning). a friend once told me that because i work in a corporate environment, it's not a worry to spend some thousands for frames in a mall where i can get it for only a couple of hundreds in recto because it's not my money. but i told her, maybe because i am concerned not with my job but to the company i work for and that we famously call, "kawang-gawa".

a good friend is also leaving for canada and we had a party the night before she leaves. talk about cramming. i havent feel though that i am not going to see her for a long time. for me and joyah, this is just one of our inuman sessions.

despite the bulk of responsibilities at hand, i feel a bit bored because my regular chatmate sponsie is out of the country and i had no one to share my boredom with.

i missed aan's play.

il watch 3mcdm's play tomorrow.

i want to spend the weekend resting.

time flies fast. it does.

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