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first real working day almost at end


and that's an understatement.

my job was a 360degree turn from my previous job and even though i had a background in this field, that was like 2 years ago where i don't technically stand on my own. today, that was tested.

first, id like to thank Hackenslash Reporter Relly Carpio for the following:

1. For tagging me along his coverage today.
2. For giving me background on how stuff works in the world of Journalism
3. For sharing his thoughts on our gadget so i could maximize its use
4. For being so nice to me I was immediately at ease
5. For introducing me to his wife who was tough and nice both at the same time.

First days like this get brighter when God sends people like them.

The day hasn't ended yet. I haven't uploaded two of my video reports for the day and thanks to Toshi, its uploading them while im writing this blog.

I got to do a lot (and i meant TONS) of research of anything and everything worth reporting. Tomorrow, I'll get to really be on my own, thanks to Trina, Jarvik and Kitkat for helping me. Another wheew.. got to do research and prepare some questions and sequence guides.

But in the end, the byline says it all. That was all Llanesca wanted, and now I understand her more. That byline takes all the stress away.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Janie,

Just read your blog now. My evil husband only emailed me about it last night, while I was offline.

Thanks for the compliment - "tough but nice" as good a description as I can ask for. :) Hope the rest of the days on the job prove fruitful for you.

Remember, God gives us many, many people who are there to help us through the tough times - even when they do not intend to do such do-gooding. :)