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a glimpse of new life

i havent written a nice entry lately and though my days are mostly spent at home uploading videos, the entire family is currently addicted to a game called, dynomite.

i am writing this in a computer shop here at matalino st. quezon city. i decided to that instead of wasting 2 hours of my time before the next scheduled shoot, i should just upload the videos i finished already.

life really is a wheel. not just with the concept of up and down but because you never know where it's going to take you. i came from an online marketing and public relations job and now, i am into journalism and video production. from corporate weekdays to casual everday (yes, including weekends), from 9:00 - 18:00 schedule to everyday-is-different time zones, from waiting for instructions and new projects from higher ups to making decisions entirely on my own.

i realized that in the two jobs that i have, i was always the first one.

1. ESL's PR Assistant. This post was created when the new Marketing Director came in and I was the first one.

2. My job now is like that. I was the first videographer.

It is scary. Why? You have no one to ask how the job should be or should not be done.

So that's about it. Still not a nice entry but still an entry.

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