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it doesnt get any better than this.

today was extra extra special.

i offiicially tell my multiply world, i am fan of sitti. yes the bossa nova queen.

i first met her in may of 2006 during my internship at Groupee TV produced by GMA New Media Inc. but she was just starting then. I had no idea who she was and even though my boss, Rica already told me she sings bossa nova and people showed me a copy of her album, I still had no idea who I am supposed to wait for in GMA Studio 1's dressing room. While waiting, a simple girl came in with a few people with her, and were seem to be at a lost. I politely asked, you are? She said, I am Sitti. That memory is still vivid I can still remember every single thing about it. And so she sang.

I have always loved bossa nova but because that genre wasn't as much famous as it is now, I had completely ignored the idea the country could produce a bossa nova artist so good, it can melt me like foreign acts do.

She first sang Tattooed on my mind and oh, the camera men, engineers and tech people with me at the control room were mesmerized and left in awe. She was so damn GREAT! After the interview with hosts, she sang, I assume her most famous hit, Para Sa Akin. To prove that people behind the camera can't get enough of her, her tapes were played during the next tapings wherever there's a chance.

FastForward. I buy her albums and drop by her mall shows whenever there's a chance. I haven't seen a concert of hers since schedule always isn't cooperative.

When I was on my way to Panglao Bohol, I read in a magazine that the place I am heading to is Sitti's favorite beach.

So last Sunday while thinking of stuff I need to produce for work, I thought of doing some features on summer. The first one I did was a video taken in one of the stores in Greenhills showing the latest swimsuit designs and I need a celebrity I can easily made contact with and is so in love with the beach. Then the Chief played the song, With or Without You, Sitti's version.

And then I called her manager and arranged stuff.

This morning, while sitting at StoneHouse playing tennis on my mobile phone, Sitti came by and said, Hello Janie.

And we rolled at the penthouse with her summer stuff and must-have's and some photos from her laptop which by the way is the same as mine!

So to end this and as a preview, here's a photo taken by Naj Dantes after the shoot and yes, it doesn't get any better than this!

More photos to come after I upload my video works.

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