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wan yir of wandering

today, the thoughts that wander celebrates its first year online. i remember that day in the 27th floor of yuchengco tower rcbc plaza. i saw trina and kathy's blogspot accounts and i wanted one for myself. my blog was originally in friendster.

the title came easily. why? because the best thoughts i ever had came by wandering whether at sleep, taking a bath, on my way to places or just when i stare at the ceiling or walls. after a few months, my good friend sweetness pie kathy galang (the best writer i ever knew), added a tagline, sharp mind, unhealthy body.

if i were to define my blog in one word, its magulo. though i am a communications graduate, i prefer blogging using my own style, its my blog anyway and i am not going to be graded. the mix of filipino and english sentences. my favorite one-liners. my entry ends with title and stuff like that.

i blog about what i have in mind.

my favorite post is that about my happy thoughts because doing it was so much fun and yes, every thought made me laugh.

ive always kept some notebooks with essays in it and the thoughts that wander is its online version.

people told me they were inspired by some of my entries and that is one of the best compliments one can ever get. especially when what you wrote is exactly what others wanted to say. as they say, great minds think alike.

i want to blog everyday if i can especially nowadays when each day is different from the other. i want to blog because it has become my shock absorber.
i want to blog because even if i simply type words, i felt as if someone is listening.

wander with me in the years to come.

for now, let me savor the thought of wan yir of wandering.

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