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one month.

today April 17th, i celebrate my first month at and for this id like to write some stuff that have happened that wouldn't have occurred if not for my work.

1. i met lea salonga. this has to be number one. yes, i would have the chance to watch her, and be a few seats away from the stage but talking to her and actually interview her don't happen often in life. i thought that i might have the chance to meet her years from now but God is good, He made it happen quickly.

(the following are in random order na)

2. going to embassy superclub. people close to me know that i am not a party person and i wouldnt spend my hard earn money to go to something like embassy. no, i have nothing against it. but i would prefer chats over dinner or coffee, or a movie or by simply staying at home and kwentuhan until the wee hours of the morning. but with my new work, i had to cover events taking place in embassy so i dont have a choice.

3. playing guitar heroes. thanks to alex and relly who brought me to a wii place in katipunan to actually work but before work started, play muna. im not a rockstar and as i told them, i never had the patience to learn playing the guitar. but guitar heroes is an exception. ended up playing for hours and actually wanting for more.

4. realizing that though being a journalist is a cool job, it is a tough one. if there are so many stories, which ones do you select to cover? if there is none, how do you get one? you always have to be at your best when covering events.

5. i learned that it is possible for me to function well even if i haven't got 8 hours of sleep.

6. and i guess the most important thing that happened is the realization that though it is a tough job, when you love what you do and you are passionate about it, you do it, and you do it well. for that i am very grateful to the Lord, opportunities like this don't come easily.

(the next ones, mga wala lang)

7. sitti and i have the same laptop computer.

8. bianca gonzalez is very humble and she really appreciates it when people leave comments in her blog. she's a perfect model of POSITIVISM.

9. toni gonzaga is not suplada.

10. a DJ Tiesto exists and he's famous!

11. Kopi Roti does not use a coffee machine but sticks to the traditional style of brewing coffee.

12. A lot of people are trying to take advantage of technology to create innovations and businesses which is a good thing despite the fact that some people aren't ready to accept these changes.

13. People get amazed when i hold the camera, i fix the lights, and actually interview them.

14. There are a lot of historical places in University Belt. How came I didn't knew that?

15. I've entered Yuchengco Museum. Funny is, I've been working in that building for almost a year and never have I tried to get inside.

16. I knew where Kitchie Nadal lives.

17. Because I hate my recorded voice, Karylle told me i have to learn to modulate my voice so it wouldn't sound squeeky. Up to this day, I haven't worked on it.

yun lang! more to come!

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

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